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South Sudan, the independence of a new Country

South Sudan: The independence of a new Country

Tomorrow will be a very special day for Africa, will be born a new country, South Sudan, Sudan is divided into two parts that have lived since the 50's as a single independent country but beyond being independent gesture in those years was something that caused problems among its inhabitants.

Sudan emerged as a multicultural country, a mixture of Muslim customs in the north and mostly Christian south, do not except that there are Christians in the territories in the north and Muslims in the south.

While the ruling and has over 20 years in power, the war was between the two sides was very cruel and led many displaced people and immigrants, many of them sought asylum in countries like the U.S. or the UK. The situation was simple, tomabas arms to fight or to emigrate to a better life away from hunger and war.

Sudan was a major departure from brain drain to other countries, Sudan is also of the countries with the lowest human development indices.

Apparently the peace agreement that ended the war in 2005 gave good long-term outcome, time which was fulfilled in January 2011 when the population was cited in southern Sudan to dictate its future and this future Ropi is independence.
While there are important issues that will have to address this new and emerging country, 80% of the oil had the original Sudan, the south side, but yet more infrastructure is owned by the north side, the question which must make planning a refinery and pipeline in this new country or buying existing property.

Belgium, prior to a conflict.

For some countries, there are parts of those countries where people speak more than one mother tongue or in common use, such is the case of Switzerland, Spain, Canada and indeed, Belgium.
The situation in Belgium is mainly the culture surrounding not only the language but a whole cluster rooted customs.
Francophones in particular have and want to be independent, make decisions and pursue its customs. This situation has already led to conflict in the Halls of Legislation in Belgium and could lead to more serious problems such as those already occurring in Sudan, the difference of manners, intolerance and disrespect for other people's identity, but nevertheless claiming rights autonomy, such a case as Catalonia in the Spanish kingdom.

So I end up saying and warning of possible conflicts that we hope will not happen and dialogue between cultures and peoples of as given after the treaty of peace in Sudan, but not in the Darfur region is unfinished business in this country.

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