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Our new life with social networks

Our new life with social networks

Facebook, twitter, google + now, before myspace, hi5, Badoo, but the last few years we have been in contact with the world, our friends, people I barely know and people who wanted to know everything THROUGH these social networks, but what both depend on them ?....... The answer to at least lower middle class young ....... too high.

At least in Latin American countries, young people use social networking as much contact to work as a team, be in touch with people who for some reason no longer be possible to link or consolidate or form romantic relationships between friends, classmates, work and partner.

The news run faster because if someone has a habit of writing how you feel, your friends will instantly find out, at least those who are connected and these in turn can communicate easily by other means such as Smartphone and news run fast.

That means that we are nothing in a matter of time in this age of information, one click to get a job, losing a relationship, a click retweet that we got some of our goals in life, but there is a problem .... Social networks have made it easy and contacts between people and between countries and cultures, we also have alienated at least a few hours of real coexistence of sports instead of playing with someone on Facebook, go to the movies or coffee with friends by uploading it is true that social networks serve to remember and relive moments, but every time though social networks serve to be dating, parties and outings, fewer people have contact with real , that with which you can not talk in front of video now.

I say it because I've gone, people who are somewhere with friends and suddenly took a picture and upload instantly, while another check your profile or profiles, if correct, rather than talk and live together, and clear as many young people and more and younger have this Smartphone is becoming more common, which should be a tool we are now living as part of our language and our culture, this new culture we now eat bites and away from the reality.

But nevertheless, what would we do without the social networking and if you already did part of our lives ?..... that's another publication that will address later ....

 by Adán

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