martes, 19 de julio de 2011

Trace of aliens in human DNA

Trace of aliens in human DNA and the Starchild Skull

This news had been broadcast a few months before a Chilean journalist Salfate him outon his show, but yet is interesting, not so long ago that was published in the Mexican newspaper El Universal, an interview with a journalist who claims have had contact witha young girl who often traveled to Teotihuacan, site near Mexico City and recalls how at a certain time he saw a flashing light, lost track of time and then turned out to bepregnant when she says she was a virgin, 9 months then gave birth to a baby who could not tolerate light, such as milk and had scales like a reptile.

This news and the baby did not spread quite as mother hid from the limelight the babywas born, but there is no clutch because the evidence that not only the "Starchild" ofmore than 900 years ago is a hybrid, but still now there could be many of them in thestreet, and not only that, but it is said that there are beings from other planets who live daily in the cities and is posing as humans, and their eyes are clearly their featuresaliens, would be watching to see if we find any.

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